The Dopper Foundation to Celebrate World Water Day

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dopper This Friday (March 22nd, 2013) people around the globe will be celebrating World Water Day. An organization who knows just how to celebrate WWD is the Dopper Foundation. They have taken part in water projects for a over the past few year and with the help of the Dutch non-profit organization Simavi in Nepal, Dopper has brought clean drinking water facilities and sanitation to thousands of people. Dopper not only promotes the use of filtered tap water and supports water projects in Nepal, but is also doing its best to put an end to plastic waste. In US alone, more than 450,000  single-use plastic bottles are used per minute and not even 20% of them are being recycled. Those left end up in the seas, oceans or on the streets, building up billion s of kilos of plastic. Dopper aims to put an end to the increase in these plastic piles of waste and focuses on how everyone can easily make a difference. For instance, by picking up and throwing away a piece of litter on the street or by drinking from your reusable bottle. The water project in the developing country of Nepal started with the thought that having clean, safe drinking water is a luxury there. Wells are being sunk and sewer systems and clean sanitary facilities are being installed by local contractors, thanks to your Dopper. To realize this, the Dopper Foundation has teamed up with Simavi and its local partners. Simavi devotes extra attention to mothers, because they play a key role in the health of their families.

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