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Aerial Footage of Surfers at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

Beach Rays California go pro video Ocean Inspired southern california coast surf film surf video surfer surfing water

With the recent advancements in film technology and the rapid growth of companies like GoPro, recording video in high definition has become extremely affordable. Although drones may be a controversial topic in relation to war, these unmanned aircrafts have become a useful piece of equipment for surf photographers and videographers...

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@BeachRays Beach Rays board shorts DIY Surf Rack DIY SURFBOARD BIKE RACK. korduroy southern california coast surf surf video surfer surfing Vast

We recently came across an incredible DIY How-To Video... Korduroy.TV's friend Travis Newhouse has the perfect solution for those who travel around town by bicycle… The DIY SURFBOARD BIKE RACK.

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VAST: JUN JO x 303 Surfboards

bali in4mation in4mation jun jo jun jo Surf surf video surfing bali surftrip

We sent Jun Jo of In4mation some VAST boardshorts to accompany him on his recent surftrip to Bali.

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A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE Beach Beach Rays Jack McCoy Jack McCoy film Ocean Inspired surf film surf legend surf movie surf video surfer surfing Vast

Master surf film maker Jack McCoy ventures into a new realm with his latest breakout feature, A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE.

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Preview: Surfer's HOT 100

Beach Rays HOT 100 preview HOT 100 Surf surf film surf legend surf video surfer surfer magazine surfer magazine hot 100 surfing

While waiting in anticipation for Surfer Magazine's HOT 100 movie, grab a taste of what you will be downloading on April 1, 2013.

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