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Today is International Earth Day and there is no better way to capture the beauty, devastation and ever changing circumstances of the planet, than through the use of photography.

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Behind the VroomVroom and RayRay Shoot

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Yesterday, we took another trip to the gorgeous beach of El Matador for a VroomVroom and RayRay lifestyle photo shoot.

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Jason Baffa Interview

artist Beach Beach Rays California film maker jason baffa movie Ocean Inspired one california day photographer singlefin: yellow southern california coast surf surf film surfer surfing

Film maker Jason Baffa’s work connects strong imagery with stories about the human spirit. His docu. feature films, Singlefin: yellow & One California Day have garnered international acclaim as “modern classics.” Jason was kind enough to chat to us...

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Upcoming Exhibition at Surf Heritage

Beach Beach Rays Ocean Inspired photo photographer photography san onofre southern california coast surf surf heritage surf heritage foundation surfer surfing The Happy Beach Bums from San Onofre water

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Albert Falzon Interview

albe falzon albert falzon australian filmmaker Beach Beach Rays board shorts California cannes film festival film film maker Interview morning of the earth Ocean Inspired photographer photography sam-adhi southern california coast surf surf film surfer surfing

Albert Falzon, film-maker, has always appreciated the power of music in his films. His inaugural feature film "Morning of the Earth" was the first Australian film to receive a gold record for album sales. His entry in the Cannes Film Festival "Crystal Voyager" featured music from Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Brian Eno accompanied an Indian Saddhu's pilgrimage in "Same as it ever Was".

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