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Upcoming Exhibition at Surf Heritage

Beach Beach Rays Ocean Inspired photo photographer photography san onofre southern california coast surf surf heritage surf heritage foundation surfer surfing The Happy Beach Bums from San Onofre water

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Jason Berry Interview

Beach Beach Rays board shorts California Interview jason berry mike sweet Ocean Inspired photo photographer photography southern california coast surf surfer surfing water

Yesterday we shared an image of pro volleyball player, Mike Sweet in action. We interviewed the man behind the lense, Californian photographer Jason Berry.

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Beach Rays' E-Store Photo Shoot

@BeachRays Amy Strozzi Beach Beach Rays bikini board shorts California Dylan Bartolini e-store Ebony Campbell Jeremy Clark photo photographer photoshoot Ray Vast Wet

We had a great time yesterday in Downtown Los Angeles, at the Beach Rays' e-store photo shoot!  Take a look at what went down behind the scenes: Models Carrie and Brandi getting their hair and make-up done by Hair Stylist Jeremy Clark and Make-up Artist Amy Strozzi.

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Sean Scott Interview

Australia book Burleigh Heads Coolangatta film film maker gallery Ocean Inspired photo photographer photography sean scott surf surfer surfing

Creating a unique style of his own, Sean Scott continues to lead the way in coastal landscape and surf art photography. Having galleries located in iconic surf locations, Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta, Sean's work is becoming increasingly sought after while contributing to exhibitions within Australia and internationally. 1. What is your name and when did you start taking photos? My names Sean Scott & I started photography about 10 years ago. 2. Why did you start taking photos? I’ve always loved nature & the scenery around me. I remember being a young boy sitting in the water thinking how beautiful it was & wanting to capture the moment and share it with others. Photography is how chose to do that.

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Romain Laurent Interview

france Interview L’HORIZON Ocean Inspired paris parisian photo photographer photography Romain Laurent Romain Laurent Interview surf

Romain Laurent is a Parisian artist that we recently discovered and are totally blown away by. We will let his images speak for themselves. Enjoy! 1. What is your name and when did you start taking photos? My name is Romain Laurent and I started taking photos on a regularly basis when I was an art student, about 10 years ago. 2. Why did you start taking photos? I was a student in Design and a fairly good drawer, but I couldn't convey a moment or what I had in mind exactly with this medium. Photography, at first traditional B&W and then digital with a hint of postproduction, brought me the satisfaction of expressing myself properly.

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