Surfing Life’s Big Wave Awards

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(photo source: After a restless season and a week-long wait, the finalists in the Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Awards will find out the judges' decision. Tomorrow evening, at 9 pm EDT, finalists will know if they have a share in the $35,000 prize pool. Prize categories that will be decided upon at the gala presentation evening at Simmer on the Bay, Sydney are: Biggest Slab, Biggest Wave and Biggest Paddle-In. Considering that a 250 crowd of some of the most influential people in the surf industry will be present, the suspense is understandable. The finalists are as follows: BIGGEST WAVE
  • Tyler Hollmer-Cross, Shipstern Bluff
  • Marti Paradisis, Pedra Branca
  • Jeff ‘Camel’ Knight, Cow Bombie
  • Paul ‘Antman’ Paterson, Cow Bombie
  • Danny Griffiths, Pedra Branca
  • Paul ‘Antman’ Paterson, The Right
  • Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, The Right
  • Chris Ross, The Right
  • Cale Grigson, The Right
  • Chris Shanahan, The Right
  • Leroy Rust, Papatowai
  • Jeff Rowley, Albatross
  • James Hick, Secret Spot South Australia
  • Paul Morgan, Cow Bombie
  • Jeff ‘Camel’ Goulden, Cow Bombie
The Awards have been running for over ten years and have not only been focusing on the professional competitive area, but also on the recreational, more mainstream area. An area of surprises, where taking risks unlocks huge achievements that most surfers did not even considered.

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