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vast Our most innovative VAST collection launched today on We asked VAST's head designer, Hugo a couple questions to find out what makes this particular collection so unique: What makes the hybrid 4-way stretch such a unique product compared to other boardshorts? We have yet another innovative product. The styling of our VAST Hybrid boardshorts provide a great alternative to the conventional walkshort lovers. They are unique, since they are constructed in a 4-way stretch, quick-dry fabric which gives you the flexibility and style that no other boardshort can. It's a great way to dress up and also be ready to hit the waves without having to change your clothes! What are the benefits of wearing VAST hybrids vs. traditional boardshorts?  The major benefit would be the versatility these pair of shorts offers in terms of its tailored qualities. You can wear them with a polo or even a button down shirt for a dressier casual look. Any other highlights? Other highlights are the 9" inseams make the baordshorts unique, fresh and updated. The construction is flawless and they are manufactured with the highest quality standards all around making them durable. SHOP NOW!

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