Skye Walker Interview

Interview Ocean Inspired paint painter painting skye surf surfer walker

1. What is your name and when did you start painting? My name is Skye Walker (yes, my folks were hippies- but not influenced by Star Wars- otherwise my name would be Han Solo) and I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon. I started painting in kindergarten... never stopped. 2. Why did you start painting? At first, it was fun as a kid, making up cartoons, colors and shapes and being free to just create. As I got older, I realized that never changed- I could still create, move colors around with a brush and create scenes, places and images and tell stories through my art... and it was still so free. To be able to create art and enjoy doing it is one of the most rewarding, therapeutic and fun things I've ever done. 3. What are some of your favorite moments in your career? When I was 17 I went to a pre college visual arts program at Oregon State University, which was art camp during the summer. My art earned me the opportunity to come back to the program for free my senior year. I went back and then I won a 4 year Art Scholarship to OSU, that was a moment that defined my art and my future as an artist for sure. Landing my first real job at Rip Curl as their sole graphic design for apparel for the United States in 2003 was really cool, I'd freelanced and struggled after college and landing that job was a great moment and one that I started building my graphic design career on- not to mention surfing a lot. Most recently, I was commissioned by Whole Foods to create murals throughout their new Encinitas store. Not only in the store but in the parking structure as well. That was an amazing experience and I'm stoked that my art will be a permanent fixture in that store which is at the heart of my favorite town, Enicinitas, California. 4. What do you think is the future of your industry? I think only more amazing art is going to keep growing out of the art industry/world. Technology is allowing individuals to show their work and gain exposure in ways that were not possible 15 years ago. I can go online now and find amazing artists that I otherwise would never hear of in 2 minutes. I think one of the internet's greatest gifts is the ability to discover new art and artists quickly. Also, I think the more artists give back, either to other artists, budding artists, philanthropy and non-profits, the more I think it enriches who they are and what they are doing as an artist. 5. If you could, what is one thing would you do differently? I should've invested in Starbucks or Red Bull... I'd be so loaded right now! 6. What is some advice for young artists trying to have a career like yourself? There are plenty of people that want to see you fail in the world and in the work place. Just keep doing what you love, and if art is it, then don't stop. Ever. Even when it's frustrating. If it's not enjoyable anymore, take a break. But never stop pursuing it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You could be the best or the worst artist in the world, but if it makes you happy... who cares? 7. What is the next big project you have planned? I'm in a group art show at Subtext in San Diego on March 16th which should be a blast and then I'm painting a 20ft x20ft mural for a construction company's new building in San Diego which will be a lot of fun. I'm stoked and grateful at the opportunities that come my way and I look forward to what's next.

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