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We recently met Jason Cohn and Stanton Hartsfield of Scavenger at The International Boardroom show, where their garage build-out booth stole the show. We caught up with the legends behind the brand to chat about their love for skating and to learn more about their new book, "Surf to Skate", a unique photo journal of historically significant skateboards.

Where did your love of Skateboarding come from and what inspired you to start collecting? Jason: I think for me, it came from me growing up in the Midwest, always dreaming of the coast. I guess you could say I was 'California Dreaming'! Where I am from, we didn't have an ocean but I was always infatuated with water and the notion of surfing a wave. As soon as I discovered a skateboard and took to the concrete, to me it was surfing, albeit 'Sidewalk Surfing'. Like many collectors, we collect what we had as kids. To me, that was the start of it all. I wanted to collect something from my youth that brought back all the great memories. And it wasn't just an object of beauty, functionally I could still ride it or hang it. Stanton: What sparked my love for skateboarding came from watching the older kids in my neighborhood 'bombing' down the hill in front of our house. Each kid had their own way of expressing themselves, and to me that was freedom. My friends and I grew up surfing together and this was yet another way to bond the ties of early friendships that are still in place today. The inspiration to start collecting was inspired by two things: 1) skateboarding was an essential part of my identity growing up. 2) the artwork. Describe the first Skateboard you ever owned? Jason: I didn't get my first skateboard until the mid 70's. My parents thought they were too dangerous, so I saved my money from mowing the neighborhood lawns and purchased a plastic Cal 240 skateboard at my next door neighbors garage sale. Plastic deck and Sport Fun wheels, she was my freedom. Stanton: My first skateboard was a hand me down 'Indy 500' with chipped clay wheels from an older neighbor kid up the street. Felt like riding a derailed train. That board has traveled with me from up and down the coast… still have it hanging in the garage today. Explain the inception of Scavenger Jason and Stanton: We both passionate collectors of vintage skateboards and coastal nostalgia but we came together over a specific love of the skateboards of the 50's and 60's. We were both collecting for years before a mutual friend connected us and we ultimately formed what we playfully call the 'skateboard cartel'! From the time we first met over a cup of coffee, we found out that not only do we both share the same passion for collecting but we have the same aesthetic, sensibility and vision for what we want to do with all this 'stuff'. That shared vision has manifested itself in the thought that we are not looking to merely collect but rather to 'Scavenge' interesting things from the past to preserve them for the future generations. Please tell us about your book "Surf to Skate" Jason and Stanton: "Surf to Skate" is our 152-page, oversized and self published in USA book that retraces the early roots of skateboarding from an activity that surfers did when the surf conditions were poor to the point when it caught fire around the world. Stanton and I have been collecting for years so you don't have to. The rarest and most comprehensive early skateboard collection in the world can now all be found in one place - Your coffee table! We proudly dedicate this book to all the early pioneers who paved the way for all of us to enjoy the activity and modern sport of skateboarding. They didn't just create a sporting good. They created a revolution and sporting great. From "Surf to Skate". We're working on an awesome project together for Agenda, stay tuned for more details...

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