MUST WATCH: Gum for My Boat

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We recently got our hands on a copy of Gum from My Boat and were completely blown out of the water! Gum for My Boat is a documentary featuring the story of the first surfer of Bangladesh, Jafar Alam and his partnership with Surfing The Nations to empower kids of Bangladesh through surfing. Pro surfer Khana Kalama takes a trip out to Bangladesh to spend time with Jafar and his surf club. The club consists of 70 boys and girls, many of which live on the street or come from poverty stricken families. Although they surf the waves of Bangladesh, many of them do not know how to swim, but their love and dedication to the sport helps them supersede their limitations. An ocean once off limits due to fear and the very islamic culture, is now becoming a source of fun, escape and even a chance to make a living!

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