Mr Price Pro, South Africa

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The results are in for day 2 of the Mr Price Pro in Ballito, South Africa. View results. Beginning as early as 1966 when Durban staged the first official South African Surfing Championships kick-starting a surfing event legacy that continues to this day as the Mr. Price Pro. With an attractive R1 million for first place, the Mr. Price Pro has drawn pro surfers from all over the world. Former World Champions include: 1970 Midget Farrelly (Aus) (World Champion 1964) 1961 Gavin Rudolph (Zaf) (World Champion 1971) 1973 – 1978 Shaun Tomson (ZAF) (World Champion 1977) 1980 and 82 Mark Richards (Aus) (World Champion 1975) 1985 Mark Occhulipo (Aus) (World Champion 1999) 1987 and 1990 Damien Hardman (Aus) (World Champion 1987 and 1991) 2004 Andy Irons (Haw) (World Champion 2002 – 2004). Stay tuned for updates. Photos compliments of Mr Price Pro. View more here.

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