John John Florence Wins His 3rd Consecutive Title

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John John Florence won his third consecutive Volcom Pipe Pro title this Saturday February 2nd, 2013 at the Banzai Pipeline. The talented 20-year-old surfer eliminated Olamana Eleogram (Maui), Josh Kerr (AUS) and Chris Ward (USA) in the final, adding an extra $20,000 to his pocket, after two challenging days and now aspires to have the 2013 ASP World Title. [caption id="attachment_2519" align="aligncenter" width="638"](photo source: (photo source:[/caption] According to, Florance said that he could not believe what had happened. "I was just happy to make it through today really, because the waves were small but still really good. Surfing the four man heats in small, peaky conditions like that is really tough and it's quite a battle to even get a wave. I'm glad I snuck some in". Florence has lived all his life next to the ocean, in Banzai Popeline, with his mother, Alexandra and his two younger brothers. Alexandra has introduced him to surfing and has since remained one of the people that inspire him, along with Tom Curren and Andy Irons. He has became well known in 2005/2006 when he became the youngest surfer to compete in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. So this video clip, called Departure Delayed, features John John Florence, Ivan Florence, Nathan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Koa Rothman, Matt Meola, and Greyson Fletcher doing things on waves that deserve your attention: Departure Delayed from John John Florence on Vimeo.

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