Interview: Matt of Matunas

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We got the opportunity to talk to Matt, the man behind the first and original eco-surf wax, Matunas. Not only do they make surf wax, they also produce amazing candles and lip balm, 100% on the Matunas farm in Santa Cruz. Where did our love for surf come from? Going to the beach as a kid with my family and watching people ride waves is an amazing thing to watch when your 5 years old, and it was something that I wanted to do. How did you get involved in Surf Wax? I got involved in surf wax about 15 years ago because there was no organic all natural surf wax in the surf industry. I wanted to be the first to develop an organic surf wax because it is one of the most essential items in surfing. I wanted to make a difference by giving surfers the choice to wax up with an organic alternative derived from plants that works just as well, without all the chemicals used in traditional surf waxes. Tell us more about your farm in Santa Cruz... My grandmother's farm is a place where acres of prune trees, apples, cherries, and various other fruits, vegetables, and flowers are cultivated and harvested. Growing up here impacted the way I wanted to have the Matunas brand image portrayed, where every product needed to be made with organic and sustainable resources. What sets your product a part from competitors? Our product line is quite different from our competitors in that our message and ingredients in our product line are all about creating products that are good for the environment without compromising quality. Having resources from our farms lets us create organic and sustainable goods that help the consumer make a conscious effort in their purchasing decision. From our organic lip balms, organic sun sticks, all natural soy candles, organic surf waxes, etc. we hope that the buyers in large chains and small mom and pop stores understand that they are helping support a larger picture in supporting our farmers, organic produce, and keeping our production and operations locally sustainable. Most Memorable surf moment? Most memorable surf moment unfortunately is where I almost lost my lip where I hit the reef and came up and my friend noticed that my lip was dangling. It was a bad accident that took some time to recover and unfortunately it stays in the memory bank as it ended a great session where the waves were overhead and barreling. Favorite surf spot? Favorite surf spot is Ano Nuevo.  

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