Bruno Turpin Interview

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1. What is your name and when did you start painting? Bonjour, my name is Bruno Turpin, French painter living in Paris. Honestly speaking I never stopped painting since my childhood. 2. Why did you start painting? It's a part of me, a natural way for communicate and express feelings. 3. What are some of your favorite moments in your career? I love happenings and this is really incredible to be as a part of the event. My paintings allows me to enter  in other universe that I discovered. Paintings is really a pass for unknown and holly worlds. Sharing with others whith good vibes is really something that I love. 4. What do you think is the future of your industry? Nobody knows, I am free and independent. I do what I love, freedom is key in our world. I am really deep in the present moment, this is the essence of art, and also surfing. 5. If you could, what is one thing would you do differently? Sure, that many thing could be improved or corrected with looking behind with experience gain, but if I could correct one thing is that I wouldn't never give ideas before completed. 6. What is some advice for young artists trying to have a career like yourself? Working is the key and stay humble. I still have to work. Every day I practice my scales. it allows you to improve. There many up and down, the path is long and with no end. When you look back on your path, you understand your progress, but in front of you this is unknown and white land. A key point is never discourage and reliable to your instinct and your feelings. Honestly speaking when light occurs in "up" moment, you are stoked. 7. What is the next big project you have planned? I am planning two projects : "Aquae Monolithus", an immersion painting project dedicate to big wave riders, feel the commitment that you have to taken to go in such waves. Answering the basic question in paddling to such monsters, if it was me would I go? The other one is a surf painting book, concept is really new with a different look, the outcome is really universal and has the ability to talk to everybody. I am currently seeking a US editors in order to complete it.

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