Brian Bielmann Interview

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1. What is your name and when did you start taking photos? Hi Brian Bielmann here and I started taking photos in 1978 a few years after I got to the north shore of Oahu. 2. Why did you start taking photos? I only cared about surfing, I was about 21 and figured the obvious job to keep me surfing was to become a surf photographer. 3. What are some of your favorite moments in your career? All the traveling over the years to exotic locations and the friends I have made. Exciting moments, just last august in Tahiti while shooting Teahupoo, the biggest its ever been and seeing as the sport of Surfing was changed forever with Nathan Fletchers' wave, bigger than anyone thought possible. 4. What do you think is the future of your industry? It's going to be tough, to survive you will have to be with a surf company and a surf clothing co or something to that affect to just to be able to pay the bills and I think the days of surfing photographers doing this for a lifetime career could be finished.... I think the photographers today get so much so quickly as far as being published, that they get bored as fast and figure out there is not as much money as they wish and start thinking of what they want t do long term, and I dont know if Surf Photography will be in their plans. 5. If you could, what is one thing would you do differently? Probably spend even more time than I did in the water  while I was still fearless but then I am pretty happy with my collection of photos over the years. 6. What is some advice for young artists trying to have a career like yourself? Get into it to create beautiful pictures and not to make money, there is money to be made but look at the long term picture and enjoy the ride and the lifestyle, dont waste your time on a long lenses, these days its not the lens that the mags like, everything is pulled back with alot of lanscape in the pictures. 7. What is the next big project you have planned? I always look at all my photos and would love to do a book, but I am so busy I never seem to have the time to do it. I am also going to Peru and are getting involved with the Smile Project, that's exciting.

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