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"Behind The Seams" is a editorial series that features team members from the Beach Rays family. Our first feature is with Diana, our Technical Specialist. Beach Rays Technical Specialist, Diana hails originally from Vietnam. After working for the US Army, she emigrated to the U.S. in 1975. Following her military career, she discovered a passion for sewing. Diana began by sewing baby clothes for her first born and soon landed her first job, sewing surf and swim apparel for Ocean Pacific ,“OP” in Oceanside, California. Now a 30-year veteran of the apparel industry, Diana serves as Technical Specialist at our California headquarters. The majority of her day consists of spec'ing, inspecting and adjusting the fit of every single sample manufactured by Beach Rays. Diana ensures that the measurements are exact to buyers’ specifications, and that the stitching and stretch of the fabric is also examined thoroughly, ensuring only the best quality and fit. If any compromises are identified during inspection, it is Diana’s duty to correct the problem. If need be, she sends step-by-step instructions in order for sewers to rectify mistakes and produce the perfect fitted, quality garments. With her extensive and intimate knowledge of swimwear fabrics, Diana assists our designers with core ideas and advises on how best to execute their vision while working within the limitations of both fabric and machines.  Diana and the rest of her team are very excited to be in the development stages for Beach Rays’ 2013 collection.

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