23rd Annual Girls Go Surfing Day

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[caption id="attachment_2557" align="aligncenter" width="600"](photo source: surfingaustralia.com) (photo source: surfingaustralia.com)[/caption] This weekend (February 9-10th, 2013) the Australian beaches were taken over by more than 6000 female surfers in celebration of the 23rd annual Girls Go Surfing Day. The program started in Australia and has grown substantially since then. Now extending across all of South East Asia, in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In Indonesia the program is now in its 9th year of operation and it has become a huge event on the surfing calendar. Girls Go Surfing Day includes more than 40 surfing schools and is currently the longest learn-to surf program that encourages beginners, no matter the age, to check out the thrill of surfing.

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